Connecticut Microwave was founded in 1971 by three Engineers who saw the need for a company with the flexibility to rapidly supply, custom tailored, high power Directional Couplers to the broadcast industry.

In 1989 the company was purchased by Joe & Randy Raines who’s concept was to grow the company by offering products complementary to the Directional Couplers the Company was known for, and through acquisitions that also complemented the Companies products.

Immediately after acquiring the company, Low Pass FM Filters were added to the list of offered products, followed in 1992 by the re introduction of UHF Circulators. The new, circulators, designed by Richard Pavadore, have a higher power rating than previously offered

In 1994 the company out grew the facility at Trackside Business Park, and moved into the present facility at The Highland Industrial Park, also in Cheshire, Connecticut.  

In 2000 the Waveguide Dummy load product line was purchased from The Micronetics Corporation of Hudson New Hampshire.

2001 saw the development of 3dB Hybrids. Growth through acquisition continued in 2002 when the filter assets of the Davicom Corporation, of Trois-Rivières, Canada were purchased. The acquisition added  Multi Couplers, Band Pass, Notch, and band reject filters to  a growing list of passive components.

In 2004 high powered 2 way UHF and VHF Combiners were developed. Since 2004 the line of Combiners has been expanded both in frequency and number of divisions.

In 2006 the company began the development of the first of a series of Antennas. While this product line is some limited we are encouraging you to give us the opportunity to review your specifications.

Connecticut Microwave continues to be a customer driven company.  Each new products was developed to meet the needs of customers with requirements that were not met by standard “off the shelf” designs


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