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Connecticut Microwave specialized in High Power, and Flexibility.  If your frequencies are not centered in the typical bands we can ADJUST the center frequency to meet your needs.  We invite you to call us with those requirements that are unique or time critical, as well as the more common.  CAD drawings are available for any of these devices

6 Way CM637 Series

6 Way CM637 Series

CM605 Series   4 Way   (Specs)    
Up to 4 KW Available with EIA 1 5/8" Input / Output

CM637.0001 Shown    (Specs)    
  500 - 1000 MHz  500 Watts


Gysel 6 Way Combiner

Power             600 Watts
Frequency      400 - 460 MHz
Return Loss  >20 dB

Please call with your requirements

8 Way CM621 Series



Model shown CM621.0001   (Specs)    
800 - 2000 MHz  500 Watts

FM, VHF (Low) 3 dB Hybrid

FM, VHF (Low) 3 dB Hybrid

Power is dependant on connectors. Shown is a 10 KW unit tuned to Channel 3

2 Way CM601 Series

 Designed and delivered in 2 weeks to support a customers critical need



                Model shown      CM601.0020
                Frequency           7 - 8 GHz
                Power                 250 Watts
                Isolation              6 dB
                VSWR    Input     1.2:1 (max)
               Insertion Loss      .35 (including coupling loss)

 CM601.0001 UHF Series   2 Way   (Specs)  

3 dB Hybrids CM594 Series

3 dB Hybrids CM594 Series

 CM594 Series Hybrids are available with connectors as large as EIA 1 5/8" Flanges
Power   up to 4 KW
Frequency  174 MHz to 4 GHz

  Connecticut Microwave specialized in High Power, and Flexibility. (specs)

3 dB Hybrids CM581 Series

3 dB Hybrids CM581 Series

 CM581 Series Hybrids are available
from 174 MHz to 4 GHz

CM581 Series (VHF Specs), (UHF Specs) 1KW

4 Way CM605 Series

The drawing is CM605.000. Preliminary specs
Frequency        UHF
Power               500 Watts input


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