Coaxial and Waveguide

Connecticut Microwave offers a wide range of narrow and wide bandwidth RF and microwave isolator and circulator products in coaxial and waveguide configurations. These products cover the frequency range from 300MHz to 7GHz in limited bands. Circulators can be custom made for your specific requirements. Use the form at the bottom of this page to contact about our Circulator solutions.

Waveguide and Coaxial Options

Custom Tailored Solutions

The power handling of our circulators generally precludes an internal termination. Available are external loads tuned to the circulator. The size of the load is determined by the expected reflected power.

Some of our capabilities include:

In-House Capabilities
Broadband High Power
Power to 5 KW for Coaxial Circulators
An ever growing line of Waveguide Circulators
Circulators for various types for Military and Commercial applications
Can work with all custom requirements

A Sample of Our Custom Products

  • 533 series circulator up to 800W

  • WR284 liquid cooled circulator

  • CM572 series EIA 7/8" fan cooled circulator up to 5kW

  • CM572 series EIA 1 5/8"Coaxial Circulator air cooled

  • WRD350 4-8 GHz

  • CM627 series Circulator

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