Directional Couplers

Coaxial and Waveguide

Connecticut Microwave Directional Couplers and Waveguide Directional Couplers are designed to meet YOUR specific requirements. By using standard parts we can create a custom design at “off the shelf” prices and a short delivery. The coupled ports shown below are internally terminated. This allows not only simultaneous measurement of Incident and Reflected power, but also independent coupling levels of each port. Virtually all coaxial connectors are available on the Mainline or coupled ports.

Directional Couplers Are Available In Many Configurations

In house machining and fabricating capability mean short leadtimes

Unlimited Flexibility In Design
Small Sizes to Large Sizes
Virtually Any Length
Special Connector Configurations Available
All Coaxial Connectors Available
Any Combination of Incident or Reflected

A Sample Of Our Custom Products

Virtually All Connector Configurations Available
  • EIA 1 5/8" custom bend w/coupler

  • EIA 6 1/8" directional coupler

  • EIA 1 5/8" directional coupler

  • WR90 uni-directional coupler

  • WR430 directional coupler

  • WR137 directional coupler

  • 410000 series uni-directional coupler

  • 440000 series directional coupler

  • EIA 7/8" directional coupler

  • octave coupler

  • 440000 series directional coupler with LC mainline

  • EIA 3 1/8" directional coupler

  • EIA 7/8" directional coupler

    with DC and RF outputs!
  • 440000 series directional coupler with 7/16 DIN mainline

  • Waveguide couplers from WR90 - WR2100

  • Round flange Waveguide Directional Couplers WR90 - WR 2100

  • Unlimited Flexibility EIA 7/8 - 9 3/16

  • EIA 1 5/8" 90 degree elbow transmission line with coupler

  • EIA Short Coupler

  • EIA 1 5/8" Multi probe

  • High Power Tight Coupling 3, 6 & 12 dB

  • Directional Coupler

  • Directional Coupler integrated into existing coax

  • Waveguide Directional Coupler

  • Special Connector Configurations

  • Coupler with Power Meter

  • Maximum Flexibility

  • Very High Power, Up to 65 KW

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