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Connecticut Microwave filters are custom components designed to meet YOUR specific requirements. Our filters are designed to operate on signals in medium to extremely high frequencies. These ranges are used in radio, television and wireless communications. An ideal filter, whether low pass, high pass, or band pass will have a minimal amount of loss within the pass band.

Custom Filter Components

High Performance

Low-Pass Filters from FM Broadcast band up to 3000 MHz–designed for high power
Offering Tx, Rx Multicouplers designed for overall performance and suited to specific site requirements
We offer a complete range of Cavity Filters to provide the best bandpass, reject and pass-reject responses.
Manufacturing an extensive line of base station duplexers that meet industry needs in all operating rangegs from 30-1000MHz.

A Sample of our Custom Products

  • Low-Pass Filters

  • Tx, Rx Multicouplers, Cavity Filters

  • Duplexers

  • Low-Pass, Notch Filters

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