Hybrids and Combiners

High Power & Flexibility

Connecticut Microwave specializes in High Power and Flexibility. If your frequencies are not centered in the typical bands we can ADJUST the center frequency to meet your needs. We invite you to call us with those requirements that are unique or time critical, as well as the more common. CAD drawings are available for any devices.

A Sample of Our Custom Products

  • 3 Way Combiners

  • 3dB 90° Hybrid

  • 8-Way Combiner

  • 8-way Series

  • 3 dB Hybrids CM581 Series

  • Combiner

  • FM, VHF (Low) 3 dB Hybrid

  • Gysel 6-way Combiner

  • 6-way CM637 Series

  • 2-way UHF Combiner

  • 3 dB Hybrids CM594 Series

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